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As a long time roofing contractor here in Maryland, Hernandez Roofing Pros knows how important your roof is for your home or business. That is why constantly strive to maintain superior roofing services in order to achieve your goal in mind when it comes to roofing and property improvement.

In terms of roofing services, we take pride in our experience and expertise as a roof replacement specialist. For over 10 years of experience in the roofing industry of Maryland as one of the top roofers in Rockville MD, you can trust Hernandez Roofing Pros to provide you with impeccable roofing services, especially concerning roof replacement. We carefully abide by roofing construction laws and guidelines, as well as safety standards. Hence, assuring you of an efficient, safe, and affordable roofing service. Here’s What Others Are Saying About Our Services!


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Things To Consider When It Comes To Roof Replacement

Age of Your Roof

The number one factor, apart from severe roofing damage, to consider whether to have roof replacement or not is the age of your roof. Most roofing experts agree that typical residential or commercial roofing will last between 20 to 25 years. For that matter, if you notice your roof riddled with damages and its usable lifespan has been fully consumed, you should consider having a roof replacement.

Missing Shingles

When the weather is quite harsh due to storm or strong winds, you may experience some missing shingles. There are some instances due to old age or improper roof shingle installation that majority of the roofing shingles will be uprooted from its position. If such would be the case, then you would have to consider roof replacement if you have already lost or suffered major damage on your roofing system.

Shingle Granules

One of the indicators that should prompt you to have a roof replacement are the shingle granules found on your gutter system. Roof as such tends to lose more granules when it is about to reach its maximum lifespan. Hence, leading to an idea of a roof replacement as an ultimate solution.


Another factor or reason why roof replacement may be needed by some property owners here in Maryland is to upgrade. Property owners wanting to sell their residential or commercial property will likely invest in roof replacement in order to curb appeal and increase the value of their property. This is one of the most notable tips in the real estate market if you want to sell your property easily and at a significant price point.

How Much Is A Roof Replacement? 

When it comes to any roofing concern or need, whether it is roof repair, roof installation, or even roof replacement, money matters will always matter. Replacing your roof is perhaps one of the most expensive property upgrades that you may make. Roofing contractors in various states and regions charge different rates for a roof replacement. As per recent survey the average cost of a roof replacement for a basic asphalt shingle roofing is around $5,000.

In view of the given fact, it is essential that you should trust such investment into a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor, especially here in Rockville, MD. As one of the experienced roofing contractors here in Rockville, MD, Hernandez Roofing Pros believe that every dollar counts for any roofing project, especially a roof replacement. That is why we always work prompt, efficiently, and honestly with our customers in order compensate the investment they will be making. Know More About Us!

Need Immediate Roof Replacement?

When you need immediate roof replacement or simply wanting to have an idea on how much would it cost you for a roof replacement, you can surely depend on the expertise of Hernandez Roofing Pros. We do not only specialize in residential and commercial roof replacement, but we also offer services for your siding and gutters needs.

We are your one-stop shop for property improvement services here in Rockville, MD, and its nearby areas. We also offer reasonable warranty for our roofing, siding, and gutter projects. Call us today at (240) 479-6948 for more details or visit us at 4502 Grenoble Ct, Rockville, MD 20853 for a personal consultation. Contact Us Today!